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fuck yes

This took an unexpected turn. Yes.

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~**Commission Info here!**~

Another WIP of la commission~  This time, color flats



The Hierophant: Phil - Chiron
The Sun: Thor - Apollo
The Magician: Tony - Mercury
Strength: Steve - Herakles
The Hermit: Bruce - Cronus
The Lover: Natasha&Clint - Aphrodite&Adonis
The Devil: Loki - Pan

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~**Commission Info here!**~

Commission WIP for Johnnynod over on FA

iiiinks~ <3  Need to do flats, shades, and then final rendering

I really like her boots

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Enjoy. :)

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(via pekkapo)

~**Commission Info here!**~

Commission for a single Full-Character color Ref-sheet of Tobias, for the lovely gaymer1991 on FA

What a great character to draw~ Especially had fun with the tail

Commission info can be found here:
Other Art Examples can be found here:

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Howard Donald,
Howard Donald @ Creme 21, Heilbronn 2011 DJ Mix


| Revenge of the Kidz / Happy Now / Going Home remix - Howard Donald’s DJ set at Creme 21 Club in Heilbronn, Germany 19.02.2011 

I extracted this part from the complete DJ set. Gary’s voice sounds great in the Happy Now/Going Home mashup

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Pretty Lights,
Taking Up Your Precious time


Waiting for her by Pretty Lights

Gift for Tracy, because who doesn’t want a super sugoi shoujo Adair every once in a while?


Higher Sky, student short-film directed by Eric Cheng (University of Southern California).
Preview video :

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WIP~Workin’ on this dork right here
Ezra with his F-all grin and hair