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Some Cool People

Lookit this dork.  Look at his smug ass grin and fabulous F-all hair.

Lloki (to be renamed, but he goes by Lloki because he gains sick amusement from it) is my “Jinn” character.  Not 100% bad, not 100% good, but 100% androgynous/can be anything you want him to be, bby.

 There’s a story to him but yup~  Enjoy this wip for now


Photographer Kilian Schönberger created Brothers Grimm Homeland

German photographer Kilian Schönberger recently has presented his new project called “Brothers Grimm’s Homeland”, where author mixed photography with illustration. Big trees, dark homes and moody environment - these are the key elements that connected these photos with legendary Brother Grimm even more. Love it!

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Forgot I had a unfinished picture of this dork laying around.

I’mma finish him~Name was Lloki, but i’mma rename him.  Rehash of an old character





"Princesses Playing DnD" by Alexandra V. Mihai

on tumblr

…and my first thought is “That is way too big a group to try and run a game with.”

I’ve been in a group this big. That shit is CHAOTIC AS HELL. Doable if you’re all in sync and are okay with your character not getting a huge amount of attention, otherwise yeah this is way too many people. xD

Combat. Takes. FOREVER.

We have 7/8 in our -Exalted- campaign.


Now if you wanna talk about combat taking forever, come to my table and take a sit-down and learn some shit, my friend. You. don’t. even. know.

But guess what: We still have fun and kick ass because we all get along and have good story-telling abilities with amazing senses of humor.  Plus, you can stunt.

D&D ain’t got shit on us. (though i’ll still play the hell out of it)

About the picture: Pretty~  I like it!

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1) The Little Mermaid pencil test by Glen Keane   via diehard-disney

2) Tangled pencil test by Glen Keane   via diehard-disney

3) Aladdin pencil test   via diehard-disney

4) Sleeping Beauty pencil test by Marc Davis   via diehard-disney

5) 101 Dalmatians pencil test   via diehard-disney

6) Xeroxes of Frank Thomas pencil animation for Pinocchio

(Via: Michael Sporn & The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation)  via the-disney-elite

7) Peter Pan pencil test by Milt Kahl   via diehard-disney

8) The Jungle Book pencil test   via diehard-disney

9) The Rescuers pencil test by Ollie Johnston   via diehard-disney

10) Alice in Wonderland pencil test by Milt Kahl   via diehard-disney

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Dan Fessler’s HD Index Painting Technique let’s you paint pixel art in Photoshop in a non-destructive manner, and lets you use pretty much every tool in a perfectly pixel-gradient fashion!

The article gives you everything you need to try it out for yourself.It’s easy to set up and use, and the results are so fucking cool.

Knowledge is good.  Knowledge is power.  Become more powerful.

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An ornate 6 shot wheel-lock revolving musket decorated with gold, silver, ivory, and bone.  Originates from Russia, 16th century, possibly restored or added onto in the 18th or 19th century.

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And thusly, we begin on Hyori, our Exalted groups bastion of bureaucracy, and proclaimed Sailor Solar Scout.  She’s adorable and small and scary and was once an abyssal not a few months ago but that’s another story.

Also, her appearance is 7.  Foxa admires her sense of fashion and book keeping.



Mah bunny vagabond… person.  I like him. He’s adorables.  Now lets see if i can not mess this painting up *cracks knuckles*


Golden Gai. © Petri Artturi Asikainen

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Alphonse Mucha

"Alfons Maria Mucha (Ivančice, 24 July 1860 – Prague, 14 July 1939), often known in English and French as Alphonse Mucha, was a Czech Art Nouveau painter and decorative artist, known best for his distinct style. He produced many paintings, illustrations, advertisements, postcards, and designs."

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St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague by Christoph Sevcnikar [artist on tumblr]

St. Vitus Cathedral (Czech: Katedrála svatého Víta) is a Roman Catholic cathedral in Prague, and the seat of the Archbishop of Prague. The full name of the cathedral is St. Vitus, St. Wenceslas and St. Adalbert Cathedral.

This cathedral is an excellent example of Gothic architecture and is the biggest and most important church in the country. Located within Prague Castle and containing the tombs of many Bohemian kings and Holy Roman Emperors, the cathedral is under the ownership of the Czech government as part of the Prague Castle complex. Cathedral dimensions are 124 x 60 meters, the main tower is 96.5 meters high, front towers 82 m, arch height 33.2 m.

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