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Some Cool People

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Clean Sketch commission for the fabulous warwolf263 on FA of his ‘sona, Padrin~
This character is so bad-ass I can’t even… <3 He was extremely fun to draw!

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Quick sketch commission for the super lovely yucoi's character, Demi Pierpont, faerie aficionado of music and all that is fabulous (and thievery)

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2 character Quick Sketch commission for the super sweet bottledroses of her and her friends character’s, Laudie & Audrey~  I admit, i love drawing folds, and these two were very fun to draw~


URBANCE - Kickstarter (x)

An Infinite List of Favorite Collections - Zuhair Murad 2015 Resort

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Liminal Pathway (Other side of Tír na nÓg) (9)

©buron - September ‘14

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Asker freeglassart Asks:
You may get asked this a lot, so please excuse my ignorance - but how do you go about constructing character expressions and body language and such? Thanks!
tklastasis tklastasis Said:



Besides The Basics (construction of heads and skulls and muscles and skeletons and how they move), I’ll go over some things I’ve been trying to work on myself lately:

1. Treat expressions as a single gesture of the face/head, as opposed to a head and then individual features dumped on a plate and arranged into an expression.

First, just get down the big shapes of your expression, just like you would for a pose.  

So say I wanna do a low angle angry pose.  I know the features are gonna be all mashed down at the bottom because of perspective.

 Scribble it down


start to put on features


fix stuff


put on more stuff


fix stuff again


erasing and flipping and stuff a whole bunch until you are happy with it or stop caring

Whole head is a gesture!image


2. Just like a facial expression, jot down where the important parts of an entire pose goes first.  You can force the rest of the body to fit the pose.

So here I knew I wanted the shoulders tilted a certain direction, and te hand to be in that particular position in front of her face. 




That’s the simplest explanation I got.  Don’t be afraid to push and pull faces and bodies around! Worry about being “on model” last!

it’s nice to see how others do stuff like this, everyone is different but there’s something to learn from everybody!

Character ref for the wonderful gaymer1991 of the adorable bby Shifu, the Red Panda child
Such a cute little thing~ Was very fun to work on!


Ms. Shawna Mills, aka LazyMills has been on my radar for some time. Hailing from my hometown of NYC, the soft spoken 2D animator/concept designer’s work does a lot of the talking with it’s loud, boisterous and “IDGAF” treatment to shape laws and rules. She’s one of my favorite people working and she’s one of the few ladies of color in animation who has their own voice. 


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Commission #3 of Billow, the Mist Witch, for sir johnnynod~ on FA

Such a glorious character to work on
Steampunk-esque Victorian ware? Yes.


"i’m sad and idk how to feel better"


"i don’t know what to draw"


"i always mess up"




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Some outfit art from the RP blog

the final outfit was picked out by Coldwindscutclean for a prompt u v u

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Glorious Libraries.

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